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Your villa architect & consult South Europe

Villa Riva Information.

We are expert in supervising, designing or remodeling your dream house in southern Europe to standards of northern European comfort, the Passiv House Energy priciples. At Villa Riva is the customer king. That is our motto which we want to realize all your wishes. Our area is mainly Spain, France and Portugal.
Villa Riva offer you the following:
• The support or search for suitable construction-site;
• Mediate to a knowledgeable broker, notary or lawyer;
• Developing and capturing your living needs;
• Implementing Passive House principles;
• Creating the design;
• The appropriate the contractor;
• Negotiate a sharp, realistic price;
• Guiding the construction or cultivation of your dream-house;
• Taking care of the decoration and colours;
• Making the garden design;
• Advising of any additional matters.

Villa Riva's expertise and architect.

To hire us you can enjoy buidling your dreamhouse without worries. We offer you quality and expertise. You can communicate with us in your own language and we are familiar with the differences in cultures, norms and habits in the southern countries. The fine climate usually provides for a different kind of use than you're used to. And we ensure that standard in the construction is at West-European level certified. That is achieved by only working with qualified people who are trained well. So you are assured of the expert knowledge to the latest state of technology.
Our architect can create the design for you or guide other architects. He will develep different concepts for you special made for the plot you have or have in mind.
Thanks to our many years of experience with designing and building care and nursing-homes in The Netherlands, we use that expertise in our villas, so you can get older without pratical age worries.

Villa Riva's durability & Passiv House.

Sustainable enterprise we bring in everything we do in practice, critical thinking. So we ask ourselve, how sustainable is this solution really, what is the lifetime of the materials used, maintenance, price-quality ratio and what is the residual product replacement. By investing in quality, efficiency and environment but also by out-of-the-box thinking, we can save costs and work.

In addition to the construction projects we also accompany students or graduates, to share independing thinking and expertise, which improves the connection to the labour market. This education also fits perfectly in our sustainable enterprise.

Villa Riva support.

With modern means like Internet, Whatsapp and Skype we maintain contact with you, wherever you are staying in the world. On Internet we keep your personal buidling-diary up to date, so you are always aware of the latest state of affairs. And during construction phase the photos of progress will be posted.

Villa Riva's clients.

We have an international client base. By our experience and long stay abroad we are well informed of all possible living wishes and we are perfectly capable, to translate your specific and personal preferences into your dream property.